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    2000 1200 GPR Warning Buzzer

    Hey fellas, need a little help. My buddy finally got his impeller liner switched out on his ski (long fight with a stuck pump). The ski sat for 2 years. He put in a new battery, went to crank it and said that one of the warning buzzers won't stop (he said that it kicked over with no problem, but he stopped cranking it before it started because of the buzzer). I asked him what warning lights were flashing on the dash, but he didn't know. I asked him if it was low on oil, but he hadn't checked that. Same with gas. I also told him to pull the temp sensor, clean it up and put it back with new grease.

    So I've got a few simple things to check that might be it. In the mean time, has anybody had this problem before? Do the guages need to be reset when you swap in a new battery? The buzzer did not go off until he hit the starter button, then it wouldn't quit.

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    You do not have to "reset" anything. There is something making the buzzer go off. He needs to look at the display and tell you what is making it go off.

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    I have the same boat and a related question - not trying to hijack your thread but it might help you too.

    Rode my ski the other day and my buzzer came on and showed the muffler hot on display. So I shut it down right away, let it sit and restarted later and everything was ok. My question is how do you check codes to see what set off the sensor? My display only has one button "reset" I guess it shuts off the buzzer but I don't know for sure.

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    TX21, I had a similar situation on my '98 GP1200 (different animal I know) when I went to run it for the first time one year, the overheat buzzer kept going off, even though the engine was relatively cool to the touch. I cleaned and regreased the temp sensor, put in as much new gas as I could and the buzzer quit going off.

    Not sure if that of any help or not. Got no problem with your post either; I'm bad for doing the same thing.


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    is the lower temp sensor plugged in to the box ? The one right at the stinger.

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