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    db racing 3degree advanced timing key

    03 gp1300 with less than 100hrs crank got some crack.offshore riding and wave jumping in new england is all I ride.went with pro-tec trued welded crank,vf3, riva pro heads with girdle kit,efi controler,d- plate,free flow exhaust,jet works kit,oil inj block off kit and db racing 3degree advanced timing keyalso have pump seal kit ,top loader intake grate and a couple different balanced and machined island racing impellars. will the advanced timing key cause any problems? is the stock ignition okay with this set up.riva and group k say they don't use advanced timing keys so they don't recommend it. I would like to get more than 100 hrs out of this rebuild.about $5000.00worth of parts makes me worry what to do. riding the cape ,boston,duxbury,and wave jumping the hurricane swells at horseneck.

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    I haven't heard of any problems.

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    You will be fine

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    Just remember to take your finger off the throttle at the top of the swell before the pump comes out of the water. Unloading the pump so often will definitly snap you crank!! When the enqine is reving so high out of the water and the loads up instantaneously that puts tremendous stresses/torque on the crank..

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    sceaming on the ocean on a flat day still has the pump constantly out of the water from swell to swell. on days like that for me it is wot. when jumping waves for air time it is slow speed to the lip of the wave then snap the throttle to get the launch over the crest,throttle off as soon as I break the face of the wave. 15 -20 feet of air is all I'm good comes off some times so the answer was a stainless cable time through two holes drilled into the seat latch and two through the boarding grag bar. the mushroom latch wont stay closed on its own.

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