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    Maybe a speedo fix??

    I have only tried it this one time but it worked. I was recently having problems with my speedo reading way off (high and low) and jumping around real fast back and fourth with about 60 mph differences in 1 seconds time.

    The fix was to put one small washer on each mounting screw between the sensor and the rideplate to raise the sensor. The problem was the wheel was sitting to low and water catching in the middle of the wheel was pausing it for split seconds at a time.

    This is with an R&D plate at a .970 angle so others results may be different but if its not just right you can play with it. Believe it or not the speedo was actually pretty damn accuarte and within 2mph of the gps at top speed I didnt watch that close accelerating (hanging on). I did hit my own wake once and got an 80 mph reading but only once and that was still within 5 mph.

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    I think it could be tuned some how, because if I ride rough water (real rough) I put my stock plate back on, and my speedo reads 11 MPH slower than my angled R&D. so I have noticed it too, but My thoughs was the length of the ride plate.but now I am not really sure.

    DARN good though!

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