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    Talking R&D Anti-Cavitation Cone

    Hello RXP Riderís have any one Installed the R&D Anti-Cavitation Cone on RXP before ?
    If yes what different dos it make for U ?

    This is the net site I got the info from: 92020&leafCatId=&mmyId=2900074#altImages

    Designed to balance bowl pressure in last stage of the pump to eliminate detectable cavitation
    Improves bottom end punch, mid-range pull and overall performance
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    Looks promising. I don't know anything about hydrodynamics so i couldn't give you and honest answer. Maybe some of the 4tec gods?

    when you zoom in on the image looks like an orange peel, is it supposed to be that rough?
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    i would say waste of money....

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    I think this is the item that I was reading about a week or so ago. If so, it's more of a racing item. It's main purpose is to keep you from banging off the rev limiter in a race I think. So it will reduce your top RPM, in which case it would scrub top speed. Again, I'm not sure if I'm confusing this item with another one or not.

    Guys, take a grain of salt with everything R&D tells you about their products increasing speed. Don't get me wrong, they have some good products depending on how you want to set up your ski, but if you want strictly the best top speed possible, then I think R&D is lacking in that department.

    1.) Their SC's been proven that it's not any better than stock due to it's location in the engine compartment and sucking in more hot air because of it.

    2.) Their extended steering will not gain you any speed on top end. If anything it will scrub top end speed, butif you want better handling then by all means look into getting it.

    3.) Their intake grate....they say it scrubs no speed, but it has been proven to scrub at least 1mph top end. HOWEVER, this is considered by some to be the best rough water grate out there, so if you race or ride in rough conditions then this grate may be the ticket for you.

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