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    when is there the need for more than 87 octane gas?

    im jw... how far modded does the skis engine have to be in order for it to be beneficial to run over 87 octane gas

    im jw cuz the stations only carry regular gas instead of 89...
    idk if this is wierd but i dont like to put 87 in anything that is 'high performance'

    i guess i just need some reasurance that there will be no difference in running 87 on my stock engine except d-plate....

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    Your stock ski will run the best on 87 octane. There is no need to run higher unless you advance timing or raise compression. Burning higher octane on a stock ski will actually slow it down some. It wont hurt it though, just not help.

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    High compression and/or aggressive timing curve.

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