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    New to me 95 SLT 750

    Im new to PWC and I just got a 95 SLT 750 and was wondering what the basic stuff to do to it.
    I was also wondering if I can get a new gauge and what all the gauge does as it dont have one anymore?
    I had my GPS on it last time I had it out and got it up to 43MPH but I dont know if that is good or not.

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    Rider, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    On a 95, I'd verify the fuel selector switch is in good working order and that the fuel lines have no kinks or blockages (probably better to replace them all). Change the fuel pump if it's not been done. How's the piston wash and/or the plugs?
    Others will have some ideas, enjoy your new ride.

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    The dead gauge may just be the fuse in the elec box #3

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    I went though the ski yesterday and all the fuel lines and the pump is new.Looked at the impeller and OMG that thing is beat to crap where can I get a new one?The gauge is junk its fried on the board so I need a new one if posible.The plugs looked good but I changed them anyway.How do I check the piston wash?Took it out today and got 45mph but just.

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    Try sending JetskiMN a PM for the impeller. I think he was selling NEW aftermarket impellers for $100. Otherwise you got John Zigler for used impellers and as always, Ebay. MFD can be got off Ebay, or PM Wetherby, he's been offering repair services or maybe you can buy one off him.

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    I'm running a 12-18 solas concord on my 95 sl 750 and love it--Way better than stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowsport View Post
    I'm running a 12-18 solas concord on my 95 sl 750 and love it--Way better than stock.
    what kind of speeds are you getting?

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