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    Downside to Big Bore?

    I have set my ski up with just about everything. Now, I am wondering if I should have went/should go to a big bore set up. What is the downside? Thanks.

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    sell your top end, buy a trashed 1200 top end and go BB.

    It wouldn't be in your best interest to BB your current top end since you can get top dollar for it.

    if you sell your top end and get trashed cylinders, you can do it all for about 400 bucks. that would be a ported 1400.

    drawbacks? hanging on...

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    If he used a 1300 topend, wouldnt he land up with 1500cc (1490) ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceman View Post
    If he used a 1300 topend, wouldnt he land up with 1500cc (1490) ?

    1200 jugs are adequate for 90's. i have about 10-12 hours on my jugs now with no issues.

    1200 jugs have more transfer port volume then the 1300 jugs.

    either cylinder the bottom of the exhaust port needs to be welded up after being bored. the 1200 jugs ears on the intake side of the skirts should be closed up like the 1300 jugs.

    lowell knows what to do.

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