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    70 mph

    Anyone know why the stock speedo only goes to 70mph and is there a way to make it read higher? I know when I had my gpr if I get going and hit a wake it will jump to 88mph it seemed to know no boundaries. Running it in kmp was kinda fun too.

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    no leave it alone, just use a gps to track your speed!

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    I do use a gps. It's just a bummer that the stock speedo only goes up to 70mph when my ski goes faster than that. At least on the gpr it may have gone slower but the speedo would always read faster.

    I let a chick ride my ski ( xgf ) told her this is what I have been doing in my spare time. Let her ride it and she was like wow 70, didn't feel that fast. Then I started with the whole gps speed and stock speed thing and saw that I was rambling and just said its faster the stock speedo just sucks. The air temp was a little chilly but barable. The water was freezing. Naturally I had to suggest to her, hey wanna ride my superjet.

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    My 2004 RXP speedo will get over 70 mph on it,I saw up to 79 on it.

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