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    96 slt780 having problems.

    Hey all! I'm a new guy around here, normally I stick to the 4-cycle engine on my 88' MR2. Any two owners on here?

    Anyways, my roommate has a 96 slt780 which has been having some problems lately. It runs fine for the first 15-20 minutes or so, but after that it begins to bog down. It feels like it wants to go faster, but barely moves at all. If he throttles it back down and idles it for a few minutes, it will run fine again for a while longer, before it begins to bog. This keeps happening on shorter and shorter intervals. I think it is something in the fuel system, but I don't have much experience working on PWC. Any ideas/help?


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    It sounds like it may be getting hot? See if you can hold your hand on the cylinder heads for a few seconds when it's acting up. Or maybe it's the gas tank vent getting plugged up? Check the fuel filter for obstructions too.

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    I'll take a wild shot at fuel restriction as well.
    Check for plugged filers and kinked fuel line.

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    check plugs and carbs it sounds like it is loading up. does it smoke when it bogs down?

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