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Thread: New guy!!

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    New guy!!

    Whats up!!! Names Tony. Just want to introduce myself. I recently purchased a 98 polaris sltx 1050 from a buddy of mine. The motor is locked up. So either I get it rebuilt or buy another motor. So if you guys know any good places in the miami area lmk. Also, what would you suggest rebuild the motor or purchase a new or used motor?? All help is appreciated.

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    You have a couple different things you could do.

    #1, which I would do in a heartbeat, Warranty is second to none and customer service is outstanding.

    #2. Call any one of the big three and have them build it for you, but understand their policy on warranty.

    #3. Buy the parts and do it yourself.

    There is a place down there that builds engines but I cant think of who they are. I do know the quality of sbt and would recommend them but weigh all the choices and make some calls.


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    Silvia, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!
    If mechanically inclined, why not take on the task yourself?
    It's fun, easy and you have all the support you need right here, we love pictures and projects.
    But FIRST, have you confirmed it's a seized engine and not a pump and/or pump bearings?
    If it is the engine have you figured what caused the destruction?
    Nothing you put in there is going to last if you don't take care of the root problem first.

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    I like I said I bought it off my buddy. He stated that the motor was locked up. Im new to the jetski thing. I was planning on doing the work myself...the motors have to be just like a car motor...and there im mechanically inclined. I had already thought about getting the motor from sbt. Ive heard some good things about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    But FIRST, have you confirmed it's a seized engine and not a pump and/or pump bearings?
    I agree, disconnect the two and see what's going on. I've got ahold of two skis for a project, and both appeared to be seized. Once disconnected, both had impellers stuck in the wear ring, but only one engine was seized.

    Welcome to the forum! I'm a new guy too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvia13 View Post
    Whats up!!! Names Tony.
    Well, that's one name I won't forget. Welcome to GH

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    Pull the pump and driveshaft, verify the motor is or isn't locked up like ph2o and mystahagy said!!! You may save yourself time and money!!
    D- aka twinstack1

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    Welcome Silvia.
    I'd hold off with any snap-purchase, and especially any whore-house engines. You may, or may not have an engine problem that requires replacement.

    Work with the good folks here, and I bet we can find your problem.

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    Hi there, welcome!! If you can try an stay away from those "mass produced" motors. My friend had two of them. They were a wreck. Mis-matched rods, wrong size bores.

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    Apreciate all the help. Im going to ask my buddy and see if he pulled the shaft. I believe he did but not quite sure.

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