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    Hello???? anyone home???

    How the heck do I get a hold of you guys? Seems you dont answer the phone all I get is the answering machine.
    I need to purchase your rejet kit for my 2000 GP1200R ASAP. Since there is no way to order off your website then I think you would have someone on the phone.



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    Did you leave a message???
    Phone rings allllllll daaaaaaaaayyyyyyy looooooong and thousands of "hangups"
    Were SLAMMED with shop work, walk in customers, and processing orders here and have been taking orders on a return call basis till things calm down a little.
    Or shoot me an email with your info ( especially if your international) and well get it going ASAP

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    I left a message on the machine. Carl called back in a reasonable amount of time, and the parts shipped same day! Thanks Carl!

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    JD, I just recieved the message you left yesterday this morning. We were closed when you left the message.
    Will give you a call today.

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    I'm on the west coast and will be working all day. I dont have access to a phone until after 5 here so if we can lets do this over the email. Okay?
    I will PM & email you my info if that will work.


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