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    Help Please!! Super Jet stalling

    I have a 93 Super Jet 650. It's gotten difficult to start and I have to put gas directly into the carb to fire it up the first time. Now it stalls as soon as it burns off the gas I pour into the carb. I bought a rebuild kit fo rhte carb becasue of this, but it still does it. Any ideas!?!?


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    Welcome to the forum Steve-O! Have you checked the fuel filter and replaced the fuel in the tank? When you rebuilt the carb did you clean the jets and check the pop-off pressure? Have you checked to make sure the fuel and return lines aren't switched?

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    The fuel filter seems to be getting lots of fuel through. I have no idea about the popoff pressure (i'm not even sure what it is or how to test it). I took a picture of the lines before I pulled it all apart and made sure they went back in the same place, but it had been taken apart before that, so if you know the configuration of the lines I'd like to take a look.

    A friend of mine took it apart and cleaned the carb. He said he had it running, but when I got it back it kept stalling. I just called him and he said it was running iwth the lines the way I have them now.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Oh yeah, I didn't specifically clean the jets, I just tried to clean the whole carb. I haven't done much with these carbs before and they're a bit foreign to me. So if you have any tips on cleaning them, fire away!

    And the gas is all new, I drained it and refilled it.

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    Here's a link to the manual for your carb, it should be your new best friend!

    Other things to check are making sure the pulse line is attached and not obstructed, and leave the gas cap off to make sure the check valve on the gas tank hasn't gone bad (although usually the ski will run for a short while on its own with that). Try taking off the return line and covering it with a rag (in a well ventilated area) and see if fuel shoots out when you're cranking the engine. Eventually you'll most likely need to break down and pull the carb off and check (ie: redo) the rebuild.
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    I did pull the carb off again already and checked it. the only problem I can see with it is that one of the screws that holds the cover to access the jets is stuck and has gotten stripped. So I can't get in there to clean the jets themselves. Other than that, gas seems to be flowing to the carb. I tried starting it for a few minutes and took it off again. When I took off the diaphragm cover (the side opposite where the fuel lines are) it was full of gas. Does it sound like it might be the jets????

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    I rebuilt the carb and finally got to the jets and cleaned them. It runs now, but starting is an issue. the only way I can get it to start is to cover the carb with my hand (presumably to increase suction and pull gas through). Once I do that it'll start. It revvs up fine, but doesn't want to idle for more than 10-15 seconds then it sputters out, even if I feather the throttle.
    I read another thread on x-h20 that had the same issue and he thought that replacing the carb/intake manifold gasket fixed it. I didn't replace that gasket becusae it didn't look damaged. Should that make that big a difference?

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