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    Question about oil change on rxt

    I saw the How to change the oil post that is in the how to section...and was wandering if that is basically the same steps i need to do on my 05 rxt.....This will be my first time doing this!!!!!!!!!!!I have everything ready just want to verify this befor i start.......\\\\thanks

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    Same way. Suck it out.

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    Thanks , im going eat supper then im off to change the oil......I hope it works out as easy as the post describes.......Think ill throw in some new plugs too....

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    Don't forget to blow out around your plugs before you take them out...keep all the crud away.
    Make sure you do the throttle the way it says..3 times WOT, crank it for 10 seconds and each time suck out a little more. even if you heat it up after you change the oil, it will not necessarily read accurate until you get it out on the water and get her nice and hot! Then you see the 3 quarts was just right!
    I've done this a hundred times and it works perfect every time! Have fun!

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    Thanks SEADOOCER for the reply,store had to order plugs so ill do everything tomorrow all at once.... I printed out the how to change oil and ill remeber to do what you said to get out the most oil i can.You say 3 quarts is about all ill get out??????Ill put it in something so ill know for sure.


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    With a filter change I get 3.5 quarts out every time.

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    Am I off a little, because I pumped out 4 quarts even, and put 4 litres in, with a level on the rub rail??????? Oil level is in the middle too!

    The dealer gave me 3 litres, and the book says it only holds 3. What am I missing?
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    pints?...not quarts?

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    Hmmm, yea I think it was litres, not sure. Yes.... I bought from Seadoo this time, it was too easy. He gave me 3 bottles of the 4tech stuff, but it was not enough, so I got another, but I can not remember if they go by litres or quarts.... this thread got me wondering what I did here! It's right on the money though. I would check but still at work. oops, I mean litres this whole time not pints.
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