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Thread: Bilge pump?

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    Bilge pump?

    Dont have one on my Triple pipe is it that important? I still have the stock one in place is that all you need? Thanks

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    Do yourself a favor and get one installed.. Definetly worth it even if you dont need it.. That one time you do need it will be worth having it.. Also I love having it just for the reason when you wash the motor down you just put it on and it pumps it out.. If you do decide to want one.. I have a extra 1100gph comes with a bracket, hose, clamps and the thru hull fitting.. Pm me if interested..,

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    Is there a reason to not just wire up the stock one with a toggle switch? how does the stock electric one work?

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    My bilge pump saved my ski about 2 months ago when I didn't tighten an exhaust clamp. As soon as the hull started filling up with water (quickly!), the pump kicked on and gave me enough time to head back to the shore.

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    Sponge does it operate off of a toggle or float? And pm me a price. Thanks

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