How much flow comes out your water bypass? I noticed this weekend the LX we own has a lot more flow at idle and at speed than the 250X. I am not sure how the flow paths differs between the two, but with the 250X having an W/A IC I can understand it would be different. I would think the flow would split between IC and engine cooling and not be series flow. Regardless, of flow arrangement I would expect the same flow from the bypass on both models. The difference is very apparent.

Anyway back to my point. If the ultra 250 could get better cooling due to flow I think the performance increase would be substantial. Besides the obvious of less heat more power, I am thinking of the factory tune. I am sure Kawasaki has tuned this thing to run very safe in all conditions. As engine temperature goes up it probably pulls way more timing and dumps a lot of fuel to ensure this things stays together. I am new to these engines, but looking at the designed 7.9 compression w/ 11.4#s cooled boost it should be able to take a rather aggressive tune or at least run w/ the same timing as if the temperature was cooler.

Does anything exist to monitor the engine parameters on a run? Am I just spoiled by SCT software and the mustang community?