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Thread: WTF Is this??

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    WTF Is this??

    I have a brand new 250 (Mfg. date 5/7/07) and I love it so far. However, I found this connector unplugged next to the supercharger connections. It, and the SC intake sensor wire were just dangling between a couple of tie wraps, so I secured it a little more with another tie wrap.

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    We all have that. No worries.


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    Meant to be that way, it actually is a plug/cap with weatherproof plugs in it. Could this be the mysterious R 6 wire? LOL

    There is also an unused plug up at the battery.

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    i could be wrong but i think that might be the sensor connectors for the KDS software

    i think the one on top of the battery is used for programming ther new keys

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    That plug, (bundled with the stator coil leads connector) is specified as a "non-use plug"

    The one near the battery is the connector both for key programming and KDS..
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