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    The real difference between GTX and RXP

    Hey whats up everybody, I am new to this site and I must admit that I am happy to find a site where people love their skis and love to ride as much as me!!

    Can someone tell me the real difference between the GTX 4-Tec Supercharged or the RXP? I know the GTX puts out 185 horse and the RXP 215, but is this the only difference because the body and the engine are pretty dam close to being the same.

    I currently have a 96 SPI on ebay. I love this ski but am tired of getting burned by my cuzz's 06 RXP. Should I get the RXP or the GTX??? I am looking used around the 04/05 range. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Ant-

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    The 215 is intercooled and has some stronger internal components in the engine than the 185.

    The GTX is a very nice plush ski and is considered a 3 seater, while the RXP is a 2 seater. My choice is the RXP, but you really need to look at both of them and decide for yourself.

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    Some of the engine internals are different, like the pistons for example.

    The GTX is about a foot longer, GTX does not have trim, it has the same hull as the RXT............

    GTX is a heavier boat, better in heavy water.

    You have a 60 mph ski, and the RXP is close to 70 stock.......

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    So all in all, there are some differences, just not as major ones. I mean the price tag is a pretty big difference though..

    Because of my price range I have to look used. I found a 04 RXP - Apple Metallic with 55 hours on it from a dealership for $7,700. I also found a 03 GTX Supercharged with 50 hours on it from a dealer for $6,500. I am looking for the best deal, but I also want to happy with my purchase.

    What do you think??

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    Dealer's askin' way too much for that 03 GTX. In '05 I bought 2 of them @ 30 hrs and a trailer for less than 12k. Nowadays, I like the RXT over the GTX, although the RXP is way more fun.

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    hey Ant.... i'm on long island too. Really into this watercraft stuff and fairly knowledgable... I work fulltime at a watercraft shop on the South shore of Long Island... so if i can help you in any way dont hesitate to ask, to make sure ur not getting burned on a used machine as far as its mechanical condition.

    check this one out maybe? just to show you what else is out there...

    and i would HIGHLY recommend trying to find something with a warranty.. warrantees are fully transferable to new onwers of used watercraft.


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    Thanks fellas..

    I went to the dealer today. The sticker for the 04 RXP with 55 hours was $7,669.00 and I ended up negotiating it down to 7 flat. The dealership is offering me the 2 year warranty for $1,225. So in total it comes to $8,225. The exterior looks to be in decent shape for the year except for a few minor scratches here and there.. I left a deposit and I am suppose to go back tomorrow give the rest. Do you guys think this is a good buy or should I get my mula back??

    Thanks - Ant

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    Way too much. For a little more you can get a NEW 07 and it comes with a 2 year warranty. Get your money back!!!

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