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    hard start

    im experiencing hard starting from my skii right now..., i don't have problems when the engine runs already...from low to high, but turning off the skii and starting it again, its veryvery hard to start, i even have a primer to pump for gasoline..., and so i was thinking maybe the flywheel turn again, with the crankshaft as what happend before...., that was last time i cannot start the skii...., is there anotherway to check if my flywheel didn't turn?? without removing it??? you know how difficult to remove the flywheel...thnx

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    How's it running? I'd imagine it would run "funny" if the timing was off. Check to see if you're getting a good spark when it acts up. How do the sparkplugs look? Did you ever get the right ones for your ski? NGK BR8ES

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    spark is good, and also the compression, there's nothing else i could blame but the flywheel, ive been experiencing of loosing the nut in the flywheel that will clicking sound like the stator when starting out of the maybe i really need to check again the flywheel...

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    how many pounds should i torque the flywheel nut??? i have a hard time tighting the nut inside the hull =( is it ok to hold the cranshaft from the pto side..of the shaft groves? or this is dangerous could twist the crankshaft??whats the best thing to do???thnx

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    The rope needs to go in the MAG cylinder.
    The flywheel torque is 65 pounds and should be secured with red loctite.

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    The rope needs to go in the MAG cylinder.-what do you mean by this???

    okok im missed putting a loctite before....thnx

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    Remove the spark plug from the MAG cylinder (nearest flywheel) and insert a length of rope pushing it down so it gathers up on top of the piston, make sure you leave some hanging out so you can retreive it later.
    Turn the engine by hand until the rope stops the engine turning.
    Then torque it up.
    Turn the engine back a little end remove the rope.

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    The flywheel timing will effect both the running & starting, and most likely is not your problem.. If it's hard to re-start without a primer, it's most likely "too Lean" on the low speed jet.


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    ah ok thnx, i need to find a rope... , yep, my skii is still hard to start even i used my primer...i also remembered before the nut keeps on loosing from the what ph2craft said, it need a red i better put it this time thnx.

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