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    So, who wants to pay $800 a year for a permit to use your boat/ski? PLEASE READ

    The federal government is trying to pass a law requiring a permit for all vessels. You can write to Congress and complain, you have 45 days to do so according to the EPA. BoatTest has set up a quick and simple sight for you to send a pre-written letter to Congress.

    I think this is a very important matter to us all, perhaps this info could be stickied in each forum make?

    EPA Gives Boaters 45 Days to Complain - 06/27/2007 urges boaters to write their Senators and Representative in Washington. “Write 2 Congress” has quick and easy software to use…sound off!

    The EPA says it is seeking public comments and data to help the agency develop a permitting framework that recognizes various vessel characteristics and types of discharges. Specifically, EPA needs information about vessel identification and operations, owner notification, discharge impacts, pollution control equipment and practices, and commercial and recreational vessel traffic patterns, it stated.

    You Have 45 Days

    Comments and data are due within 45 days of publication of the notice. The agency will identify and categorize: the universe of vessels, their discharge characteristics, and pollution control equipment or best management practices.

    "While EPA's position is that an exemption from Clean Water Act permitting is proper, we also share concerns about the significant impacts of aquatic invasive species," said Assistant Administrator for Water Benjamin H. Grumbles. "We will continue working with other federal agencies to identify the most effective, protective, and practical strategies for controlling invasive species from ballast water under existing laws."

    Support the “Recreational Boating Act of 2007”

    “The EPA’s announcement underscores the very real nature of this issue,” concluded Dammrich. “The looming deadline for this permitting scheme emphasizes the need to pass this important legislation as Congress addresses the larger issue of ballast water in the months ahead.”

    Article link

    Link to send pre-written e-mail

    Video explanation by the NMMA President
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    Sent 3 emails, really easy!!

    Click on the link to send an email..........

    Lets get behind this if you have not already!

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    Pass It On!!

    Great links, easy to use!! Pass it on to other boaters/skiiers.

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    Sent my representatives an email already. Got the cookie cutter Eff You you ant response haha.

    No seriously, got the pre typed response but at least i let my voice be heard.

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    Just got done sending them.


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    Just a bump, thanks to those that sent an e-mail, hopefully we can get more members to do the same, if we don't speak up we will make it easier for them to take our money.

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    I've got their permit right here:

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    Figures there is always something to screw us. Hope our taxes go down!!!

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    Sent my three e-mails.
    Spread the word.
    Get others to do the same and write their congress rep!

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    Can you explain me... - Permit is not compulsory for using ski in America?

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