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    SVHO oil pressure operating range

    Anyone know what the range is supposed to be idle and WOT?

    I have a gauge on my turbo ski where the shaft oiler used to be so itís hard to compare that number to my other ski which is supercharged since the oil is obviously only somewhat restricted before it enters the rear of the charger.

    ďProblemĒ Iím having (and maybe itís only in my head) is it seems low after the rebuild. That being said itís got 2hrs on it and oil filter is clean as can be and no oil alarms ever and sounds good. Iíd assume if it was incorrect I would have lost a bearing or surely started to see some chunks by nowÖ.. coincidentally (probably/hopefully) charger touched down the other day, lots of play in the shaft but Iíve heard that with a few shaft upgrades so that in itself isnít too uncommon.

    Cold idle itís 58ish psi

    Fully warm/hot itís 20ish psi at idle and 40-45ish psi 9000-9500rpm

    I could give you bearing clearanceís if you want but there all middle of the road per the book

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    I have never had a gauge on mine. But I am curious & following as I plan to have YDS working next season

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    To my understanding the only oil reading Yamaha takes in or is looking for at the ECU is over ďxĒ amount above idle and idle the switch/sensor is kind of inactive so you donít get a false low reading.

    Pure guessing but Iíd assume being in the line to the shaft it has to be reading somewhat lower and the rods/mains are seeing a bit moreÖ maybe 10psi more? If my assumption is right it would be in the 50ís WOT and that would make me feel a little better

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    80 Psi at idle cold. After warm up around 45-50 at idle and over 80 at Wot...

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    Where you guys take your reading from?

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    So I blocked off the oil to the charger and by doing that picked up 20psi idle cold. I would assume the oil to the shaft make the reading 20psi less all around. Iíll test it out in the spring with the oil warmed up at idle and WOT and report back.

    Next time I have the engine out I will drill/tap the oil cooler and get my pressure readings from there.

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