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Thread: Vane Guide

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    Vane Guide

    Hi guys,
    just want an explanation (for idiot) what is the purpose of the vane guide located after the prop.
    I was a fcuking idiot and i sucked a rock.
    My prop is 100% ok but the "blades" of the vane guide are a mess.
    I will make pics of the rock and of the damaged vane guide in the following days when i replace the part.
    The ski is working perfect even with the badly damaged vane guide and i would like a simple explanation of what it does and how it affects performance.

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    Clean up the vains. Make them smooth, chiped or broken is not bad but if they are missing huge chunks then get a new one.
    They are there to reduce the twirling effect after the prop. Straightens the water in way.

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    Sorry forgot the pic.
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    Thanx skip,
    i allready ordered the new one and will be replacing it within the week.I will make some very nice pics of the old one.It is prety fucked up,pieces are missing.I understand that it is for the twirling effect.So a bad one what should affect?speed or accel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skips313 View Post
    Sorry forgot the pic.

    Very interesting what they did to the pump.

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