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    I'd like to try that. would you mind being more specific on the right size and location?
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    The right size and density of foam earplug stuffed part way into the round opening of the factory buzzer case reduces the buzzer volume significantly.

    I can still hear the warning but the sound is much less shrill than it used to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lungs414 View Post
    … the right size and location? …
    Location? The buzzer is a round black puck (maybe 1.5” in diameter?) with a couple of wires connected to the back.

    It is probably mounted near the steering column, just forward/above/near the glovebox, but under the upper deck cowling. On my 2017 GP1800 the buzzer area is accessible by removing the upper trim side panels from the right side . The glovebox on that model is also easily removable, making for easier access into the area where the buzzer and other wiring going up to the handlebars resides.

    I unbolted the buzzer bracket to make it easier to see what I was doing as I poked the foam earplug into the small round opening on the ‘top’ of the buzzer, where the noise comes out.

    Once you can see the buzzer top, just find a foam earplug that will fit semi-snugly into the hole. Don’t stuff the earplug deep inside the buzzer, just far enough that it will stay in there.

    If you do this when the fuel level is quite low, you can test the modified buzzer sound level by waking up the ski electronics. Keep in mind that when riding there will be masking noises from the engine, water and wind, so you don’t want to overdo the buzzer sound reduction.

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