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    Dealer cost for washer replacement

    Just got my 2007 Speedster 215hp, and read all the horror stories about ceramic washers destroying everything. Since I'm not exactly what you would call an expert in mechanics, I intend to ask my local dealer to replace those washers with steel ones.

    In addition to the $90 or so for the part cost, how much (time and/or $$) would you say is reasonable for that job?

    PS: I did consider for a flimsy second following the well documented instructions to remove the SC and send it to Jerry for installation, but again, while most of you can probably remove the SC with your eyes closed, I'm light years away from that ...

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    removing the SC on the boats is super easy, especially since yours has the regular bolts and not the external torx like the older ones. Trust me its worth your time to remove it and if you dont want to do it yourself send it to jerry, the dealer probably wont want to do it, and if they do who knows what they will charge, anything over $150 would be insane in my opinion. Whatever you do dont let those ceramics explode!

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    I estimate that a dealer should not hit you up for more than 1.5 hrs labor on removal, replace washers, and replace s/c. I've seen it done by a pro much faster, but when you make money by the hour. . .

    Problem with a dealer is you don't know the level of expertise/knowledge of the service tech (use the term "tech" loosely). You may want to grill them with technical questions prior to surrendering your boat to them (i.e. proper torque req'd, who manufactured the washers, coated or non-coated...). If they don't have the right answers on the tip of their tongue, run away.

    You would be far better having someone who can remove a couple hose clamps and unscrew three bolts take off your supercharger and send it to Jerry.

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