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Thread: GP1200R rebuild

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    GP1200R rebuild

    Hi all - just bought a project GP1200R with a blown motor - hoping for some technical input from some of you guys please.

    It has one cylinder that is completely destroyed, hole in side with piston completely jammed in the bore. The other 2 cylinders and pistons look ok to re-use, however the front cylinder is sleeved with a 1mm oversize piston. The middle cylinder is sleeved with a 0.5 oversize piston. I have acquired 1 x usable cylinder but it is standard bore with nikasil coating. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of putting it back together with 3 different cylinder/piston combinations i.e. 2 different oversizes and one standard. Am I right to be concerned here?

    Also what is the consensus/opinion on WSM parts these days? I've read a bit of negativity around them on several posts. However the price of a cylinder/piston/power valve kit seems quite reasonable here (Australia) when compared to the cost of sleeving or re-plating

    Thanks - any input appreciated

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    WSM isn’t that bad, but you can find good used parts on eBay but too.

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