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    Oil Level? Thanks for any help!

    Ok I have an 06 Sportster with 155HP

    Should the oil level on the dipstick be up to the top mark when the engine is cold? My book says that the level should be between both marks when the engine is warmed up then shut off and wait 30 seconds then check oil level.

    But when I check it if I keep the oil at the top mark with engine cold then check it when the engine is hot it allways seems like it allways more then halfway up the stick. Is this ok? Thanks for any info...

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    Because the engine has a dry sump, you must use the procedure in the book. It's very easy to overfill and that strangles performance.

    I have found that HOT means HOT and you can't get any repeatibility without the engine being at running temp. On Skis, this means the best way is definitley on the water as you can't run it long enough on the hose to get the engine warm enough.

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