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    cylinder & piston sizes

    OK the manual calls for .004-.008" clearance between the piston&cylinder on my 95 sl750 i have .009" using feeler gauges as recomended.

    Question is what should a .5mm over piston and cylinder measure. im trying to figure if the piston and/or cylinder is worn.

    thanks guys

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    First, if you're out of servicable specs, it's worn. If you're looking to go OverSized, why not use .25mm first?

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    sorry didnt say , its already .5mm over. I know its worn but id like to know wich of the two (piston/cylinder) is worn , and by how much.

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    i did find some useful information / piston sizes as follows

    Standard size is 69.75mm

    Sizes available: .25(.010), .50(.020),.75(.030), 1mm(.040)

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    hedge, you can take it all the way up to 72mm with Wiseco 2.25 oversize.
    Your .50 was probably bored around 70.25 and you can certainly move up to anything inbetween. You next move you could make is 1.00 over or 70.75.
    Here's the link to Wiseco, for their sizes and kits available.

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    An average cylinder should have approx .005" clearance when fresh, and .009" is at the end of the bore clearance.

    a feeler gauge is a rough estimate of your bore clearance, but gets you close.

    The larger the piston, the more bore clearance is needed.

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