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    Is a New RXP worth the investment?

    i was wanting to buy a new RXP but i would like to know if its worth spending all this money on one with the cost of the fuel, upkeep, and everything else that comes with owning one?

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    I vote YES!!!!

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    I'm kind of a big deal SeanCucf's Avatar
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    well....only your accountant can answer that then.

    you already know what we think....after all, we are owners and everything

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    This is my HOBBY! I love to ride and tinker with the ski's.

    It is a heck of alot cheaper than the Strip club or going out drinking.

    I save money IMO over doing other things that I could elect to do.

    It is all how you yourself view it.


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    I say don't even bother if you prefer to stare at a computer and you love to type on forums expecially on the weekends. But if you had a ski you would riding on the weekend and typing on this forum during the week. Skis will not make you rich, but you will enjoy life a lot more.

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    If you're looking at it as an investment then no, this is not the right hobby for you. But if you want to have fun and leave the landlubber rat race behind, then go buy one, pull the s/c, get the washers changed and enjoy.

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    getting a sea doo or a car or anything that you lose its value right out of the door , is not an investment , i bought my 05 rxt for 6995 and i can sell it for probably more , it was in excellent condition used though , but still great looking and running , i would wait till next spring and wait until someone is trying to get rid of it, bc it will hard to get one now

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    If you thing your going to use it a lot. Then yes! As an investment- No. I plan on keeping this for two more years, then get a newer or possibly another one- I still have not rode with someone side by side with another RXP, that has to be fun!

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    Investment= no.

    It will cost you approximately $380.00/month for the first 3 years to have fun on an RXP, then probably about $220.00/month each additional year.. minus the value of ski when selling it.

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    Definately NOT an investment!

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