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    GP1800R SVHO stage 2 reliability/maintenance questions

    Sorry if this question has been answered previously but I didn't have much luck with the forum search.

    I have a 2022 GP1800R SVHO Riva stage 1+ with Riva steering, intake grate, ride plate, sponsons, water box, and through hull exhaust. Pretty happy with the results and am considering going stage 2 with a Fizzle intercooler, Riva pro cooling, and Riva retainers.

    However, I was wondering if anyone had a general idea about how much reliability would be sacrificed with going stage 2? Also, I was wondering if there might be a need to change up the maintenance schedule?

    Additionally, would upgrading the whole valvetrain and/or supercharger as for a stage 3 be worth it to increase the reliability of a stage 2 build?


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    Ive got a 21 gp 1800 svho, I went stage 1+ at 10 hours then stage 2 at 61 hours. I donít ďbabyĒ it, but Iím also conscious of my throttle. I currently have 163 hours and it just ran 86.6 mph this weekend. Original clutch still. I do change my oil/filter on a 30 hour schedule. To be honest itís still original plugs, although Iím changing them this next ride.

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    Our Riva stage 2 GP running the AGR 9200 RPM tune has been great. Runs 88-89 mph, 120 hours so far and still on the stock clutch.

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    I would refrain from any thing that requires the supercharger to work harder. The clutch just cant handle it and the supercharger shaft setup is a joke, stock and aftermarket. I run a stage 2 FZR at 8500-8600rpms at 83-85 mph with the regular stage 2 maptuner/riva tune. 90 plus hours and one clutch change. No other problems...

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    Thanks for the advice, going forward with stage 2 once I figure out what to do about my broken trim shaft..... I am thinking of getting one machined out of a better metal. Who knows when or if Yamaha will fix the problem......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    Our Riva stage 2 GP running the AGR 9200 RPM tune has been great. Runs 88-89 mph, 120 hours so far and still on the stock clutch.
    thats Crazy good

    - My Friends GP1800 Stage 1 Plus explode after 25 Hours a rod came out of the Block, the hole Engine was destroyed, 12K Damage.
    - I kill a clutch every 30-50 Hour on all my svho skies , now i lost a lot compression after 65 Hours on the other one
    - on My old 2020 GP the thrust washer at the RIVA Shaft gets worn out some how and destroyed the hole supercharger luckily not more 3K Damage
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