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    07 Wake 70mph so far. Suggestions?

    Slight lie... indicated 70... Gps 67.8. MODS in signature. Making a solid 10lbs now. The ski jumps out of the water on the hole shot, no real cavitation. Pretty happy with that. Max speed is only at 7700, so room to grow on prop tweak or power increase. Which would be the best bang for my buck in your opinion? Assuming I Could have the prop tweaked to get my 8100rpm back... OR go with the aftermarket intercooler and see where I am with a little increase in power... re-pitch prop from there?

    Little nervous to add a nice A2w cooler as the plugs look pretty ideal now. Heat mark is just past half way on strap and has very light brown coloring. Can't imagine there's enough fuel for the 25+HP folks claim with the A2w upgrade. would want a WB02 on it for sure.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Hard to film these things without a go pro. Had to hold the phone with my chin.
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    an external ic is a big horsepower gain. Stop guessing on reading the spark plugs and get an AFR gauge and O2 sensor. A RRFPR can correct a lean or rich problem.

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    You cannot read spark plugs on these engines. If you want to know your air fuel ratio you need an air fuel ratio gauge.
    Regardless, your engine is NOT running lean with a X charger and 42's on the stock ECU.
    If you do add an aftermarket intercooler then you will also need to install a rising rate fuel pressure regulator and an air fuel gauge. Then you can adjust your fuel pressure regulator based on your AFR readings.
    Another way do to it, and this is the preferred method, is to tune your ECU with the MapunerX and install the Siemens 60 lb fuel injectors.

    The aftermarket intercooler is going to give a huge increase in power. I would not pitch your impeller until you install the aftermarket intercooler and one of the supporting fueling modifications listed above.

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