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    Exclamation 2007 VX 1100 Cruiser Cranking not Turning Over with No Display

    I've been having voltage problems with this jetski since June and decided the change the rectifier. I changed the rectifier and I still had the no voltage alarm go on after riding it out. I decided to change the rectifier plug and I shrink wrapped/soldered the wires and installed my new plug. Once I installed my new plug and put the battery back in the ski the jetski would give me typical battery problems where I would have to fiddle the cables to get it to turn over and start. This time around, the jetski would not show the display, it would crank but not turn over. I tried cleaning the battery terminals, cleaning the battery leads and still nothing I also tried to fiddle with the cables because that would usually work but I can't get this ski to turn over or even get the display to turn on.

    Could it possibly be the connection I made from the rectifier plug? Do the three green wires from the stator matter which ones go where or do they have to go into a specific spot on the connector? The three yellow wires connected to the green wires you see in the video are the stator wires. The green wire is for the negative battery cable and the red wire is obviously for positive. This connector I got off eBay already had the wire crimped into the connector so all I had to do was strip them and make the connections. This connector also came with a black wire in between the red and green wire but the original connector did not have this black wire so I left it alone.

    Battery is at over 12.6 volts.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on what I should do as my next step? Should I cut the connections I made off and see if that is the problem? TIA.

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    Do you have a security key on this unit? If so, lock it and unlock it a couple times. Also make sure your battery is fully charged of course.

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