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    2007 kawasaki altra 250x

    just bought this ski with 200.00 hours on it first owner took good care of it changed oil every year, I am doing oil change on it i bought kawasaki 10-40 k teck syn blend with zinc . will it work ok, they say for commercial grade lawn mower engines, sould be ok ?? or should i get kawasaki pwc oil ? whats the differance?

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    I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't run it. The lawnmower engines are air cooled, and typically run warmer. The 250 JetSki is supercharged and I'd bet that there are additives required for it that aren't in the lawnmower oil.

    Look up the specs in the owner's manual or service manual and see if your oil meets the requirements.

    Has your 'Ski had the jet pump upgrade done? You MUST do this if it hasn't been done!

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