hello guys, for me it is a pleasure to share knowledge in this prestigious forum, my name is Carlos from the Dominican Republic, I do not speak English, I use the google translator to communicate and sometimes the conversation is difficult for me.

My concern is the following: I have a Yamaha GP 1300R, I am repairing the engine, I bought the crankshaft in excellent condition, I bought Wiseco Pistons 84 mm, I bought the gasket set. now I have to put the sleeves on the cylinders, in my country there are good operators to install the sleeves, what I want to know is if they know the LA.Sleeve sleeves that I have been told are of very good quality but each one costs 138 dollars.

They also tell me that the WSM and the SBT are the best known on the market but with inferior quality. I'm told they tend to wear out faster than the L.A.Sleeve.

the price difference between the WSM and the L.A.Sleeve is very wide. but I also don't want to pay that much money for something that would do the same job, my question is, is the L.A.Sleeve worth the investment, or is it better to buy the WSM?

I want to repair my jet ski that is as good as possible.

Before buying the sleeves I would like to read your advice

Thanks in advance for your comments!