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    Riva Pro-Sponson's - unstable handling 2up on a 21 GP1800R

    Hey guys,
    As the title says, I have Riva Pro-Sponsons on my ski. Have had them for several months now and have ridden it with no issues. I think I either put them in the Neutral position or 1 down from neutral, need to verify. Either way, i have ridden on both flat river waters and choppy as heck ocean waters. Did a group ride recently with 100+ skis and had no issues.
    This weekend I went out with my SO to ride around some islands. Water was 1ft to less than 1ft, really nice waters for riding. During no wake zones our of our ramp there were no issues. As soon as we left the no wake zone, and got on plane the ski felt really unstable. It kept leaning to the left and sometimes to the right and sometimes if felt as if the backend wanted to come around on its own. If I slowed down to around 20-25 i regained control and had no issues. As soon as I sped up and got up further on plane I felt the same unstable feeling.

    I reached one of our local islands and went out solo and no issues. The SO went out solo and no issues. I checked to make sure nothing was lose on the rear end of the ski and nothing. As soon as we both got back on it, and i got above plane speed, same unstable feeling.
    I'm not light weight but I know that isn't it. Prior to the sponson's I have ridden 2 up with the SO and with my kids etc, no issues.

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of this and without trial and error, should I lower the sponson's or raise them?

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    Lower the sponsons all the way down, that's where I like them best on our GP's. Incredible difference in this position.
    Also, even with the stock sponsons at slow speeds the ski will lean left, or right. Just speed up some and the ski will stabilize.

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    Thanks Gerry, will try that and go back out.

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