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    Quote Originally Posted by tiderider View Post
    Best way is to remove the intercooler and pressure test it.
    Agreed. Best but not easiest. I found mine in 5 minutes by leaving the TX on the trailer and running it with the intercooler to throttle body hose off. The shower coming out of the hose, when I revved it up, told me all I needed to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitch2331992 View Post
    The weird thing is. When the ski was put back on the trailer I revved it to clear it out and it hit rev limiter no problem on the trailer out of the water. 8000rpm. And backfired.
    Keep doing that and you will be adding a carbon seal to your list of problems.

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    I would take it to a seadoo dealer instead of making things worst... Or you can always part it out, while your parts are still usable.
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    Intercooler is not leaking water..pulled the hose and it is dry as a bone in there.

    Did notice that the intercooler core inside is eaten by corrosion. I cleaned it out the best I could while on holidays and put it back in. But I think I'll be due to replace the cooler just because it's so destroyed inside.

    Could the intercooler alone be another to stop it reaching it's full power?

    After reinstalling the intercooler and take it out today I managed to get 7240rpm and 103kmh

    But it doesn't feel like it has no much near take off as my mates 230. Although it is 11 years newer

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    They are built to last 300 hours or 10 years whichever comes first.

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    Okay I'm going to replace the intercooler and then see what difference makes.

    Hopefully this fixes my issue because the intercooler looks destroyed inside. I will take photos when I remove again

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