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    Which urethane paint to use with Nanoexcel 2 hull?

    Anyone know which brand is best for urethane paint for Nanoexcel hull? I would need a primer, top coat and clear coat. Which brand is best anyone have any recommendations? I saw colorrite sells Yamaha colors but I’m not sure if they’re urethane based…

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    I think any car paint would do the job

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    colorrite has matching colors but go light with the clear coat on light colors because it tends to yellow if you spray it on too thick.

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    Whichever option you choose, I'd recommend a 2K/2 pack clearcoat. I see that Colorrite have a 2K clearcoat option (KK7). The single pack clearcoats don't have the toughness of a two pack. If you're going to the trouble to do this work, use the best clearcoat you can find.

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    I don't think there are any special considerations for nano-xcel, as there is a non-nano substrate layer built-in to the product towards the surface which should be compatible with typical automotive paints.
    That said, if this were my project, might consider using a sealer type primer, as it's always good to have a chemical barrier between composites and top-coat paint.
    If this is a repair job, save $$, likely look into a matching single-stage gloss, as most (if not all) are OEM single stage painted.
    If this is custom base and clear job, buy both from the same product mfr and be sure the clear has a decent UV additive.

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    I recently repaired, primed, painted and clear coated my EXR hull.
    Used epoxy with flex additive to fill the scratches/gaps.
    Epoxy primer rolled on and then sanded level (I don’t have a suitable spray gun).
    Acrylic spray can custom colour matched.
    2k spray max gloss clear coat on top (spray can)

    It’s proving to be very tough and looks good. The clear coat is absolutely critical for toughness and scratch resistance.

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