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    2012 FZS Intermittent Loss of power- Then comes good again.

    Hi All,

    Running a stock FZS 2012- No Mods except SOLAS prop.

    Was riding on the Murray River a few days ago and was probably riding at WOT 7200rpm/ 105-110km for 10 min or so, backed off to around 5500 rpm when I hit a few choppy waves from a ski boat which was ahead, everything was ok .... rode like this for 20- 30 seconds , applied throttle to max and the ski didnt feel like going over 5500-6000rpm... the rpm would climb slightly but it was as if the computer was applying some sort of limiter (I have never experienced this in all 10 years of riding the ski- bought the ski brand new and meticulously maintained, never any issues). Thinking I had better get the ski back to the ramp, I continued on my way occasionally trying to apply full throttle where the rpm would jump slightly and speed would match but again the ski would not rev over 5500-6000.... this happened maybe 4 -5 times and after 1-2minutes it came good- ski came up to WOT RPM and speed.... I tried to replicate the issue by riding WOT a few times maybe 30-60 second bursts and backing off a little and then applying throttle and it was fine.

    Later .. maybe 45 minutes after the first episode I was at WOT for 5 minutes and again the same thing happened ... a minute or two passed and it came good again and max rpm/ speed was fine. Again it felt like the computer was restricting rpm.... I had no warning lights, was not on fuel buzzer, no issues coming up on dash... again the issue seemed to disappear after a minute or two...

    Any ideas guys? Any help is much appreciated... has anyone had the same or similar issue?

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    Supercharger clutch failing.....
    Same thing happened to me last year....

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    Yep, SC clutch failing. Not sure, but that may be the 1st generation clutch and gear, if it is, you'll need to get the clutch and idler gear together to replace. With the 2nd generation and later clutches, once they fail you simply have an engine with no boost. Its ok to ride it back to the ramp, there will be no damage to the engine. I had a clutch fail on me in the ocean off myrtle beach, had to ride it all the way back to Holden Beach to put it back on the trailer. Took a while to get there! But no damage to the engine.

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    Most likely your supercharger clutch is failing. Being you have a 2012 you will also need to upgrade the drive gear to run the new style clutch. This kit contains everything you need

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