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    95 XP, want upgrades.

    I basically want to gain more top end speed, the handling and the all around fun of this PWC is amazing. Its a 720 :S

    What parts can I buy to do this?
    I don't want to break the bank.
    I do have mechanical experience, so if I have to get in there and get dirty thats fine.
    Please give me a variety of options, im farily new to this.

    Also, if its not a problem link me to a website or place to buy the parts I need.

    - Kevin

    P.S My main goal in this is to out run my cousins 06 Sea Doo GTi, I dont know if this is a possibility, because I have never seen it run before.
    Let me know if this can happen.
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    what engine? 720 or 800? either way, an aftermarket head, f/a and pipe should do the trick. not sure how fast the gti is, but the only way you will out run it is on flat water.

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    Pipe,f/a's, head, msd enhancer, trim tab extensions, prop, intake grate, ride plate. if it's an 800 make it a big bore along with the other mods lsited

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    Milled head, flame arresters, xo prop, trim tab extentions, aggressive intake grate, rejet carbs, Butler trim, better sponsons......ect. I'd stay away from piping it right away due to cost and small reliability issues.

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