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    New Yamaha coast guard kit

    I just order a 2023 FXHO cruiser and to my surprise the dealer mentioned a coast guard kit 69 dollars for things like fire extinguisher and whistle. I would think a fire extinguisher comes with it.

    When it comes in I have a choice to get or not but you would think it would come like that.

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    Review the quality of what is included in the ‘kit’ vs. the quality of things you would like to have on board.

    Here is some of the gear we travel with.

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    To be legal for most locations, you just need a fire extinguisher and a whistle. The links above are great extra ways to be prepared.

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    I haven't seen a boat yet that came with a fire extinguisher from the manufacturer. Or life jackets, or an anchor, or a paddle, etc.

    By the way, fire extinguishers have expiration dates, which may be one reason they are not supplied by the factory.

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