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    22 FX Cruiser SVHO Riva Stage 1 and 1+ Question

    While I am a motorhead, I am new to HP 4-Stroke PWC's. My FX Cruiser SVHO has 24 hours on it. I have the complete Riva Stage 1+ kit and the Riva Free Flow Exhaust. As a first step I installed the free flow exhaust and just the stage 1 tune. I was happy with a 4mph increase from 68mph stock to 72mph @ 7900rpm. I weigh 165lbs, the lake I mostly run at is about 900ft above sea level, and I run 92 octane pump gas. I ran that combo for a couple weeks and it ran very consistent with no issues.

    Yesterday, I installed the air intake system, the cooling upgrade, and installed the stage 1+ 8500rpm tune. Knowing by not installing the Solas impeller I may not see much more rpm, but I noticed some odd engine behavior. Now the machine will accelerate hard to 70 - 71mph @ 7900rpm but after holding WOT for a few seconds at only 7900rpm the rpm will slowly roll back 7800, 7700, 7600, 7500, etc... and of course the machine slows down. If you lift and go back to WOT it will climb back to 7900 before rolling back/slowing down again. It feels as if the ECM is closing the throttle, but I am not seeing any trouble codes. The first time out with the above-mentioned stage 1+ tune and mods, on the second pull it blew the intercooler to intake charge pipe off on the intake side. I fixed that and went out again today to experience the same decreasing rpm behavior at WOT but no further issue with the charge pipe. I may not get to the impeller install until spring being I live in Northeast Ohio, but I am concerned I may experience the same issue but possibly at a higher rpm once the Solas 13/18 impeller is installed. Anyone else experience this or can help me understand why it is happening? I knew I would not get the maximum performance gain without the impeller swap but did not expect the performance to decrease. The engine has to be making more HP with the intake and stage 1+ tune. Please advise and thank you in advance.

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    What model year is your FX SVHO?

    Have you owned it since new?

    If purchased used, how many running hours have you put on it?

    What service/maintenance has occurred, beyond the upgrade parts?

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    Hello K447, thank you for the reply. As I mentioned above it is a 2022 FX Cruiser SVHO with about 24 hours. I have owned it since new and it has had its 10 hour service done beyond the mods listed above. I let the dealership do the 10 hour service and I have done all the mods since. If we get a break in the weather, I may try going back to the Stage 1 tune and/or try the Stage 1+ AGR 8500rpm tune to see if the deaccelerating behavior at WOT goes away. Unless someone else has any ideas.

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    Intercooler struggling and ecu is clipping back rpms to compensate

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    I’ve been struggling with the same problem as everyone else with a 22 FX SVHO has. I wonder if anyone has installed the stage 1 plus and got the results Riva claims?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlake View Post
    I’ve been struggling with the same problem as everyone else with a 22 FX SVHO has. I wonder if anyone has installed the stage 1 plus and got the results Riva claims?
    The best we were able to get in our hot Louisiana heat and humidity was 78.4 with stage 1 plus and a Riva ride plate

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