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    Quote Originally Posted by 4tec Hoarder View Post
    CanDooPro, BUDS, or your SeaDoo dealer is the only way to program it. There are guys on eBay that can do it if you send them the key and MPEM. I would go to the dealer first if you have one nearby.
    Right on 4tec I appreciate your help on this. Might bite the bullet on the CanDoo since it seems like it'll come in handy with Di.

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    I have a CanDooPro and have used on my skis and my SeaDoo boat, I highly recommend it

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonLake View Post
    Ok cleaned things up. Same thing, one loud beep and dash goes to time and direction. I can hit mode to scroll through the hours, mph,etc.

    Is there a way to program key without a CanDoo or is that the only option?
    If you can scroll through the modes, i dont think it will even do that with a wrong or bad key, if wrong key it would beep once light up lcd for one second and go dead, or beep once and say wrong key something to that effect, that rear black box has like two plug ins that plug into it from the harness sorry i was thinking of a carbed ,951 at least you have power, does your SOLENOID click at all, i do knowif you put the wrong battery terminal backwards you can fry the SOLENOID sometimes, double check fuses

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    I just went out to my 2002 GTX DI and put a wrong key on the post, it gave one long BEEP, I was able to scroll through the modes (RPM, hours, etc), it then gave 4 short BEEPS, would pause and repeat the four short BEEPS. Of course it would not crank over with the wrong key on the post. If you need anything else tested let me know

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