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    noob question

    they say the only dumb questions are the ones you dont ask.

    should i spray the engine lube in the intake grate area underneath the watercraft? i use my RXP only in salt water. i lube my entire engine/jetpump/reverse gate area after every use.

    my trailer springs are also squeaking.....can i spray the lube there to get rid of that squeaking?

    Thanks guys

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    I use silicone spray, but yes I spray the shaft after every use as well as the entire engine and all rubber pieces, and the pump and reverse bucket as you mentioned. Are you rinsing your entire trailer after each use too? I don't know if some type of lubricant will stop the leaf springs from squeaking (depends on how bad they are), but it won't hurt to try. Don't forget to keep the wheel studs/nuts protected too, the salt is very unforgiving.

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    Spray everything that comes in contact with water. You can use Salt-Away too.

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    thanks guys

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    Use dry graphite in a can on the leaf springs! It stays on better with the frequent entries into the water and wont attract dirt and road grime like liquid lubricants do!

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