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    Anyone hear news of Seadoo being hacked? And all their software being down?

    Just got off the phone with a local dealer and they said its been down since WED and that they can't flach keys/ECU's. Pretty sure I need a flash. Do I have any other options? Guessing Candoo pro wouldn't work either? Was trying to get out this weekend. looks like I my miss out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forcefed1986 View Post
    … other options?

    Guessing Candoo pro wouldn't work either? ...
    Why would you assume CANDooPro would not work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Why would you assume CANDooPro would not work?
    I'm completely new. Have no idea. I bought a ski a week ago. Ran fine when I picked it up. Did compression test etc all seemed great. Wanted to take it out today and I get one long beep. Not the 2 that signal the correct DESS is paired. the 4 quick beeps. Fuel system primes. But won't turn over since it doesn't recognize key. no error codes. starter solenoid works as it should. Jumping it turns engine over. Pretty sure its the key. IDK why though.

    Called dealer and they said they couldn't flash them until seadoo was back up. I was asking in Candoo worked independently or had to communicate with Seadoo online to get a "KEY" paired.


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    Candoo can pair keys no problem it can also read/clear codes, display sensor readings, reset tps, control ibr gate position and reset maintenance hours/supercharger reminder and display rpm history. However it cannot flash firmware to ibr modules or "clusters 2008-2011 I think" that come without any software when purchased new and is unable to flash or restore the firmware on the ECU. It will display fault codes but dose not display the number of times the code has occurred or at what number of hours the code occurred. But for the price it is a powerful tool.

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    I have a candoo pro but haven't had to use it yet thankfully. It is my understanding that you have to have the candoo on the internet for the software to register the HIN to your device. After you have registered the HIN to your device you can use the software completely offline.

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    Depending on the year of your ski it maybe a faulty dess post or is the wires from the dess post to the ECU may have an issue hard to say what is the year and model?

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    appreciate the input all, Found local ski repair place and he flashed it in 2 minutes for $50. Fired right up.

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    so what software did they use candoo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spinyard View Post
    so what software did they use candoo?
    I didn't ask. I will later. Took the ski out today and it started up great got about 100ft off the dock and it just died and wouldn't start. Still reading key ok. 2 beeps.

    Has fuel pressure, Has spark. Just cranks and cranks. No trouble codes. Assuming it has to be the ecu telling injectors not to fire. Cant figure out why. Will put some noid lights on injectors and report back.

    Loaded it back up and brought it home. Back to the drawing board.

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