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    Question Vipec V88 4-Tec. not starting. Timing issue?

    Hey all,

    I've been trying to rescue a 2007 GTX 155 which was missing an ECU, I got my hands on a cheap VIPEC V88 standalone (not the Riva one), and have been wiring it all up and using a map from RIVA for it.

    All of the sensors seem to be working, CPS and CAPS trigger seem fine. Idle Control stepper calibrated and working (set to 3/4 open at startup), TPS all good. Injectors and coils working. Getting spark on all 3 cylinders.

    I've discovered today that the fuel pump is seized so disconnected pump and tried to start it with some starter fluid but it just will not start. Occasionally it will get a backfire here and there.

    Timing is unchanged from the RIVA map, 300 deg BTDC.

    I'm getting a pretty steady RPM at 400 cranking, but it just wont really fire, it feels like the timing is out.

    Any advice?? Any way to check the timing with a timing light?? Should I just wait until I get a fuel pump and try again then?

    Here's the augmented map from RIVA I'm using, and a log if anyone can view it.


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