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    2007 wake 215... one loud beep 4 fast. Wont start.

    I read this was a bad dess key or post. Just purchased ski. Started up fine. I disconnected the bat replaced with new. It did set w no bat for a week. Otherwise ive done nothing.

    also the display does not power on at all unless the key is in. Is this normal?

    I do not have cont. Between blk and yellow wires. Anyway I can check fault codes? I see none displayed. Or am I stuck with the 4 beeps and that's it? I see an ! and it says MAINT for a couple seconds on initial dash start up. Then keeps repeating 4 beeps. No other codes flash.

    Any thing I can try?

    Jumping solenoid turns motor over. I pulled the starter solenoid. Looks new. contacts clean, and bench tested it. Works great. I get the 4 beeps before I ever hit the start button. I hear the fuel pump prime when I hit the start button that's it.

    I read that 4 beeps means the MPEM is not communicating with the spark box? Any truth to this? seems odd It would quit working out of the blue. And aren't these coil on plug? is there even a "spark box"?
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    Take it to the dealer....

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    ug... nothing else to check then? That's horrible seadoo makes us do that. Last thing I want to do it go get raped by a dealer.

    I actually called the dealer and according to them as of this last WED seadoo is down? Said they had their system hacked and can't flash any keys/ecu's at this point.

    Found this video. This is exactly what mine is doing. Trying to figure out how the DSS key isn't correct if I was able to start it on this key last weekend and do comp check easily.

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    Found a local repair guy. Flashed the key and it started right up. Weird stuff....

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    Quote Originally Posted by spinyard View Post
    so what software did they use candoo?
    I didn't ask. I will later. Took the ski out today and it started up great got about 100ft off the dock and it just died and wouldn't start. Still reading key ok. 2 beeps.

    Has fuel pressure, Has spark. Just cranks and cranks. No trouble codes. Assuming it has to be the ecu telling injectors not to fire. Cant figure out why. Will put some noid lights on injectors and report back.

    Loaded it back up and brought it home. Back to the drawing board.

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