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    Seadoo GTI LE issues

    Hello, my 2003 Seadoo GTI LE is having some issues. Starter is a year old, new battery just installed. When I hit the starter button it sounds like a “fan” sound in the front of the motor, very quiet sound. And in the back the selenoid clicks sporadically on and off fast and slow. Clicks several fast clicks each time I hit the button. i tried “jumping it” with a wrench on both poles of the solonoid with no difference . Any ideas or help is appreciated.

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    I'd start by checking the fuses on the MPEM. Had a 5A go bad on a GTX a while back that caused a similar issue.

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    Sounds like your starter is spinning but the bendix is NOT kicking out. Check voltage drop on the battery when you try and start it.

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