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    Rust stains on white VX cruiser ho front seat seam anyone?

    Just picked up my next project which is a 2016 Yamaha VX cruiser HO 1.8L. the first thing I noticed out of the gate is there is a rust stain along the stitching of the front seat right at the hump almost all the way across. This is the only place on the seat where there is this rust. Anybody have a clue on this or have any idea how to remove that? My gut tells me CLR or straight up bleach and a light brush and then really rent it well but this is a different type of seat material that I've never seen before not sure what to do here. Here's a video of the area in question. Also on the rear seat, which appears to be a slightly different type of material, there is a light purple staining kind of randomly here and there. I assume this is from a towel or something sitting on that seat when it was under a cover at one point that bled the color out but who knows?

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    For rust, use a chemical cleaner intended for rust. Oxalic acid or another acid will dissolve rust stains readily. Remove the rust, then rinse with lots of water. Then some more water. Then stand on end and allow to air dry.

    Some Google searching should turn up a few recipes for removing rust from textiles.

    The other pinkish stains may be mold. Use bleach or other anti-mold cleaner. Might need a toothbrush and some circular scrubbing action to work the cleaner into the textured surfaces. Then rinse well.

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll try it out and report in with pix

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    So, my ADHD got the best of me and I did not make it to the store to grab the products recommended. I did, however, have a can of Peavey blaster anti-corrosion spray and some industrial degreaser. I sprayed the stained areas with the PB blaster and let it sit for just a couple minutes and then I very very lightly agitated the area with a Lieberman bristle brush then sprayed it down with some purple power degreaser and everything came out perfect. No more rust stains.

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