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    ski won't hit 65 mph anymore?

    2005 f12x noticed that I was having a issue yesterday as my ski wouldn't hit 65 it was only breaking 55 then i ran a new tank of 93 through it and I hit 59-60 the water was calm tonight. i put the ski on the trailer and checke the impellar for any nicks or bends and the shaft was clean i also checked for vacum leaks etc in the engine no problems found. the ski is a 05 with 105 hrs on it stock
    the pkugs are still original and the oil has been changed to amsoil any ideas what to check next? has anyone had any improvements when adding anything to their fuel also? I have not tried this on my ski.

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    Compression Test maybe?

    And I assume you are using a GPS to get these speed numbers.

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    2005 F12x wont go 65 MPH unless you have some serious mods done. i suspect you are using your dream=o=meter for speed readings. They are not accurate. On any ski

    anyway, check your WGS first,. read here.


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