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    Seadoo Rental Key??

    Any one heard of one? Its in the 06 rxp manuel but nothing shows up on google..Its suposed to limit the ski's speed to 45 mph.

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    learning key, perhaps?

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    Nah it spacificly said "rental key"

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    is it white?...PR...

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    I'm not sure i just read about it...

    Btw PR i get that trailer info for you tonight bro.

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    I am surprised it would say Rental Key. I doubt that Sea Doo would be dumb enough to try to market an RXP as a rental ski. No jet ski rental place in thier right mind would buy one for renting.

    Renters will kill themselves!

    Why buy and rxp and limit it to 45 mph when they can get a yamaha vx110.

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