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    Question Newbie Here with ????'s

    This Friday I plan on picking up my new 07 RXP. Just getting into this I couldn't help but to notice all the go fast goodies. I don't plan on doing anything radical just yet, But the washers and the bearings that I keep reading about grenading underneath kinda has me thinking to do this before I even break it in! It's got a two year warranty and am definitly going to get the extended. Anyone have any thought on this? Also will this void any warranty if they found out I did this?

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    If you plan on doing some semi-serious mods before the warranty you better check with your dealer first to see if they'll honor the warranty. Or else it will be a HUGE waste of $$. Metal washers and ceramic bearings won't void the warranty no matter what your dealer says. If they say it will void the warranty just don't let them find out about the washers and bearings.

    Also, once you have the metal washers and ceramic bearings I don't see the need for much of a warranty. Of course there's the occasional carbon ring failure, hull delamination, but not much else is likely to go wrong until 100s of hours into your machine's life. JMO

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