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    What to do first "07 speedster 200 430hp"

    Hello All,

    Just bought a 07 speedster 200 430hp. I love it, could'nt ask for more....wait I can. I would first like to know if there's any issue's with this boat that i should be aware of. Second I would like to know how I can make it faster. I have a little money to play with and I would like to know if there would be anyway to make this boat do closer to 70mph. Also any parts or upgrades you would reccomend. On e last thing...I noticed people are filling the swim holes to increase speed. How would I go about doing that, and are there any other little mods like that, that will help me with a higher top speed?

    Thank You So Much,

    Paul Romanek
    07 SeaDoo Speedster 200 430hp
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    Here's some pic's of her..
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    Supercharger Washers!!!

    First thing you would be crazy not to do is to make sure that your supercharger washers are metal, not ceramic. Our stock boats - I believe this also applies to 2007 models - came with ceramic washers in the superchargers that will fail, fragment, and ruin your entire season...not to mention other headaches with your dealer and warranty. There are many sad stories of people who thought they could get away with at least the first season who were sadly disappointed.

    Replace your supercharger washers. Have your dealer do it, or if you want it done right, take off the chargers & mail them to Jerry for a superfast turn around done right.

    Gotta do something about your very restrictive air intake for sure - open it up to a short 4" intake for instant, significant performance increase. (essentially free mod) Then, while you're getting your ceramic supercharger washers swapped for metal, might as well put in a better supercharger impeller too for more boost. OR, to make it easier, just get the Rude Chargers for max boost with the metal washers already installed. If you're gonna go for the gold in boost, consider external intercoolers, but now you'll have to upgrade fuel injectors & regulator & might as well do your ECUs too. Cruise the forums & you'll get tons if ideas. Love to see some sicko put turbos in these babies!!


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    I would say replace the SC ceramic washer, if the RXP & RXT guys are having problems so will you since you have the same motor. The metal washers will cost twice as much since you have 2 motors.

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    Damn that's a nice boat, Congrats man.

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    that's a real nice boat.... sure would like to have one of those

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    Yes,that what I'm thanking about doing,but no SC engine, just the 155 engine's.

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    Nice boat for sure. Looks like an '06 though. make sure the dealer didn't tell you it is an '07 and screw you. check for comparison photos. The '07 has a black tail. Not silver.



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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrich View Post
    We do
    That would be a great place for this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiverRacerX View Post
    Nice boat for sure. Looks like an '06 though. make sure the dealer didn't tell you it is an '07 and screw you. check for comparison photos. The '07 has a black tail. Not silver.


    I was told the last two digits in the hull identification number tell what year it is. For example if it ends in 06=2006 model year,07=2007 model year. I was told this by a boat dealer. This rule has held true on every boat i have seen.

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